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The pendants and sconces in the Planar series utilize the small footprint and high output of today’s LED technology to create fixtures that truly make a solid statement. Here’s how it’s done.

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  1. Custom designed LED board
    The Planar series is illuminated by a custom-designed LED circuit board contained in the product’s one-inch square horizontal or vertical “core.” The board is optimized to evenly distribute light and for efficiency and color consistency.
  2. Light guide blade
    Remarkably even illumination is achieved by a product-specific micro-prism pattern embedded into each blade to maximize the LED output.
  3. Extruded aluminum “core”
    The anodized horizontal or vertical core holds each light guide blade in position, acts as a wireway, and provides heat dissipation for the LED board. Each end cap is removable so the LED components can be replaced if needed.
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“Love the new LED line...so simple and uniquely appealing, can't wait to use them on a project!”

Laurie Emery, LC, IESNA
Visual Energy, the Lighting Design Studio at KLH Engineers

“That is fantastic, something LED and beautiful!”

Patti Flynn
Patti Flynn Lighting

“... every line and intersection takes on far greater importance.”

DigitalSpeck Design Team