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DigitalSpeck FAQ

What is DigitalSpeck Lighting?

DigitalSpeck Lighting is a new brand of LED products from Manning Lighting. All the fixtures are designed and made by Manning Lighting in Wisconsin.

Why a new brand?

Manning Lighting has long been associated with church lighting. And with good reason—the company makes a diverse collection of products to effectively light ecclesiastical and other spaces. But as the new LED products were being developed, it was immediately clear they were different. Different appearance. Different technology. Different specification requirements. So we decided to start over and label the new LED products with a different name that set them apart.

What is the warranty?

The product warranty for DigitalSpeck products will guarantee repair or replacement for 5-years. See website for more details.

Where do I find prices?

DigitalSpeck products are sold through our network of Representatives and a local distributor near you. Please contact your Manning Rep for a quotation.

Where can I find information about the products?

This website has the information you're likely to need, including PDF spec sheets. We’ll be adding much more to the site, including photos, movies, IES and BIM downloads, and more weekly. There will also be prominent links to digitalspeck.com on the Manning Lighting website.

What about UL, Lighting Facts, and other testing/compliance certification?

We are currently in the process of obtaining approval from UL, obtaining Lighting Facts data, and looking into several other industry certifications. Keep in mind that most products already use UL-certified components and are assembled to UL standards. We will update the site when we receive the official approvals from each organization.

When will the products be available? What’s the lead time?

All are available now. Lead time is 4-6 weeks.

Are BIM and photometrics files available?

Some BIM and IES files are already posted to the site, and the rest will follow soon. To download the files, go to the product page at digitalspeck.com and click on the “Downloads” tab.

Can the products be customized?

Many of the products already have standard options so you can easily customize the appearance. The ability to modify/customize the products will be limited initially. You can always contact us at the factory to discuss your modification requests.

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“Love the new LED line...so simple and uniquely appealing, can't wait to use them on a project!”

Laurie Emery, LC, IESNA
Visual Energy, the Lighting Design Studio at KLH Engineers

“That is fantastic, something LED and beautiful!”

Patti Flynn
Patti Flynn Lighting

“... every line and intersection takes on far greater importance.”

DigitalSpeck Design Team