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About Digital Speck...
DigitalSpeck is a new breed of solid state lighting products from Manning Lighting, a company with a 65 year history of quality lighting products and service. Our mission is to utilize the unique attributes of LED and OLED technology to create distinctive, dimensional luminaries that truly and efficiently enhance the built environment.

A new breed of solid state lighting products.

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LED lighting with dimensional appeal.

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Why LED Lighting?

Lower Energy Use:

LEDs typically use much less energy to deliver the same amount of light as other sources.


Lower Maintenance Costs:

LED ligting can last for 50,000 hours or more until replacement is needed.


Small Size:

LEDs have created new opportunities for fixture location and design.


Less Heat:

With no UV or IR radiation, LEDs produce more light (instead of heat) per watt of electricity.

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“Love the new LED simple and uniquely appealing, can't wait to use them on a project!”

Laurie Emery, LC, IESNA
Visual Energy, the Lighting Design Studio at KLH Engineers

“That is fantastic, something LED and beautiful!”

Patti Flynn
Patti Flynn Lighting

“... every line and intersection takes on far greater importance.”

DigitalSpeck Design Team